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About Us is a free, disposable e-mail service for your needs. Also known as 10mineemail, temp mail,10minutemail, or throwaway e-mail. Nowadays e-mail is often needed to view, interact or download something from websites or other services, but providing your personal e-mail address for quick access to a website is very risky. Since most services use e-mail addresses for spam or sell to data collectors.s


What is ?

We are a secure email provider that allows individuals to have a second mailbox without any registration for fast email verifications, newsletter, or where ever an email is required.

Is there a Timelimit ?

No, although our name is we decided to make it last 'forever' so there is no time limit.

Is this service free ?

Yes, this service is completely free and will be free forever. We also don't have any ads in place or such.

Can I get a custom E-Mail address ?

No, currently we do not offer this kind of feature but may offer it in the future.