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What is and why you should use it ?

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What is ?

Disposable / Temp Mail addresses are temporary email addresses, for which you don't need to sign up or give any personal information. The lifetime of these e-mail addresses are usually chosen by the website owner they can be only 10 minutes long but also "forever". All E-Mails are received by a catch-all email (e.g. the name (catch-all) accepts every email that it receives. And then the website checks the email address the user has and shows the results for that email. Normally the E-Mails are stored forever but since there usually only needed once they get deleted after a certain timeframe. It depends on every service, but we choose 60 days, so after 60 days the emails are getting deleted. But we offer an email forwarding feature if you want to access the email again.

Why do you need a Temp Mail Address ?

Temporary E-Mail addresses are usually used when you need to enter an e-mail address but don't want to use your personal e-mail. E.g. for a newsletter coupon, making a second account on a website/service, or on untrusted websites that can potentially sell or send spam to your personal e-mail address.